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My English Lessons, an online platform for learning English as a Second Language! Individual classes provide English language instruction through interactive and communicative sessions. I specialize in teaching adult learners (over 18) with Portuguese or Spanish as their first language. Our classes aim to make your English learning journey enjoyable and rewarding using effective teaching methods, engaging resources, and cultural insights. Thank you for visiting, and I’m excited to be part of your English language journey.


Ivani Vassoler, English Language Teacher

I am a certified teacher of English (TEFL), a Professor at the State University of New York, and a multilingual and multicultural educator immersed in American and Brazilian cultures with teaching experiences in the United States and Brazil. I also speak Spanish after living in Mexico with working assignments in several Latin American countries. I am dedicated to supporting you in your language-learning journey. Learning a new language can be challenging, but it is highly gratifying. You are taking an essential step in expanding your skills and opening new opportunities for yourself.

Whether you are here to improve your academic English, enhance your professional qualifications, or communicate better with friends and family, I am ready to help you achieve your goals. I can prepare you for English standard tests, university admissions exams, job interviews, business meetings, conferences, and travel projects.

My teaching and learning environment is friendly and supportive, where you can feel comfortable and confident practicing your English skills. Lessons fit your needs, and they are interactive and enhanced by audiovisual materials to ensure you will learn and communicate in English. 

Professional and Academic Certifications

√ International Diploma on English Language Teaching – Bridge School Educational Group

√ Certificate, Teach English, University of Arizona

√ Certificate of Proficiency in English, Cambridge University

√ Build Your Online Course (BYOC), Certificate, State University of New York

√ Collaborative International Learning (COIL), Certificate, State University of New York

√ Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., Government & Politics, University of Maryland

√ Master of Arts, MA., International Relations, University of San Diego

√ Bachelor’s Degree, BA., Journalism, Faculdade Cásper Líbero